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tease and denialTease and denial forces pleasure delay and denied orgasm. Little cock man like you always should be in cage. Yes, you! The man reading this because edging is so much better.

Tease and denial makes you get very excited. That and a mean Mistress who will continue to lock you down. Laughing at you while your balls turn blue. Blue balls and the weepy cock that can not stop crying. That is something all generations of Mistress’s think about. Your a creepy, intrusive, weirdo. That is one of the reasons tease and denial works so well.

Tease and denial for your kind.

Tease and denial for men of all stupid, lame, losers. Admitting your a lame loser is half of the challenge behind being a tease and denial chump. A chump in need, and then you need even more of a firm hand. Stop and look around, your pathetic.
The kind of smothering, whiney man boy who thinks women want to play with small penis. Little cock and little mind too. Getting fresh with me, would have been your biggest mistake. But now you get to take your lips and wrap them around my high heel.
If you suck right, I may let you be my little weasel man. Slipping your tongue on my heel and sucking it like a cock. Suck it slow too loser, while I laugh at you like a joker. In school the girls made fun of you too. now that you are older, it is even more intense. Forever now you keep looking around the corners. Seeking out women like me to put a high heel on your nuts. Never allowed to cum again. Tease and denial with your sweaty palms, touching yourself.
Such a sucker, your going to pay me to do it as well. Pay for my time all day to laugh and ignore you. Shut up, tease and denial for your blue balls.