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Teen accomplice Shea knows how to get your man meat twitching! I’m a special kind of slut. I’ll do whatever it takes to get your man meat spitting, so long as I get my jollies too! That’s why I do a little baby sitting on the side.

Let me tell you, babysitting is a great side hustle! There are so many bonuses to be had! I get paid cash money to watch those little darlings. And, let’s not forget that the daddies are especially appreciative! They tip me with something better than money:

Experienced Daddy Dong! They don’t even mind if I have a boyfriend over while they are out. Even if they did, all I have to do is seduce them. Doesn’t take long to bend them to my will. I run my hands across their shoulders and lean in real close and they are mine.  They might be upset, at first. But, the thought of kissing my young lips and caressing my tender nips makes them forget! 

They no longer mind that my “boyfriend” paid his Teen Accomplice Shea to help bath Daddy’s sweet little angels! All that blood starts rushing south and all Daddy can think about is dipping his wick. 

Teen Accomplice Shea Is Happy To Help Get Them All Ready for Bed! 

The way I see it, everyone wins. My boyfriends get access to the sweet young treats, for a nominal fee, of course. The Daddies get a night out with the guys and a side piece tuck-in to top it off! The little angels learn a little something about the way of the world and how to get what they want. Of course, Teen Accomplice Shea is here to facilitate for everyone.

You know, some of those daddies call me over to babysit even if they don’t leave the house! That’s the best! I get to charge them extra for helping them out. Some daddies need a little assistance getting their angels ready for sleepy time. I’m more than happy to be there with them for the whole process. You know that I’m whispering sweet nothings in those daddy’s ears. I’ll do anything I can to get the bulge in their pants to twitch and ache! 

Shea Makes Them Pop A Tent In Their pants

It’s easy to get Daddy’s and Boyfriends to get naughty. Guys are so easy to persuade. All those dark, twisted thoughts that creep into their thinking? I say them out loud. For me, bath time is when the fun gets started!  “The bubbles look so lovely dripping down her body.” I love listening to his breath quickening. “It’s very important to clean every nook and cranny.” It doesn’t matter who the guy is, a little encouragement and all they can think about is peaches and cream! 

Teen Accomplice Shea is here to give them a nudge in the right direction. My direction! I get so wet watching them try to maintain composure. My pleasure bean starts throbbing once they finally give in. I can’t help but give it a little rub once he starts caressing and fondling. All the while, I’m still murmuring all the things he needs to hear. 

Shea Loves Every Moaning Minute with Those Angels! 

The best part of all? They pay me for it. I mean, I charge an extra fee on top of my babysitting wage to help the daddies. But, the real money comes from helping my “boyfriends” find spank bank talent! Depending on how long I have with the cuties, I can get several paid sessions processed in one evening. It’s all ducketts for the pockets, baby! And isn’t that what being a Teen Accomplice is all about? Helping the hunters bag their trophy cunnies? *giggle* I’ll be honest though, I enjoy every minute of it! I love listening to all those moans and grunts.

I bet a fella like yourself could use a little nudging into the taboo direction.

Are you ready to get freaky?