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When you started working with my daddy, you had no idea he had such a beautiful barely legal daughter like me. The first time he invited you over to the house for one of our family cookouts, you could not keep your eyes off of me. When I came outside wearing the tiniest pink string bikini you had ever seen, your cock jumped! You knew right then and there that, one way or another, you needed to touch my perfect teen body.

Your cock got so hard when I began applying my sunscreen, you had to get in the pool to hide your boner. Sunglasses allowed you a discrete way to watch me massage the lotion into my soft skin. Your eyes glued to my manicured fingers as they slide over my flat stomach and down my tanned teen legs. You can’t help but continue to glance between my legs, aching to touch my special spot.
Needing release, you decide to excuse yourself so you can run inside to the bathroom. Shutting the door, you pull your cock out, groaning as you give it a squeeze and a tiny bit of cum drips from the head. Leaning over the toilet, you close your eyes and begin to fantasize more about my teen body. You picture me bent over the sink with my perfect round ass right in front of you. Spitting in your hand, you lube up your dick before imagining sliding it inside my waiting love canal.

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You are so lost in thought, you almost scream when I open the door, which you left unlocked by accident. I freeze and we stare at each other for a long moment before my eyes move and see your dong in your clenched hand. An evil smile plays across my lips as I shut the door behind me, locking it with both of us inside.
Without saying a word, I slink down to my knees, licking my lips and looking up at you as I stick out my tongue. My drooling mouth begins making love to the head of your throbbing prick while my hand reaches down. I slide it into the front of my thong and begin to play with my teen pussy while I devour your dick! Knowing that my parents are right outside makes your cock throb that much harder!
That is the exact kind of slutty fun you need tonight, isn’t it? Call me now for some kinky phone sex and I will serve your cock as much you need! This little teen slut is ready to please!