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Teen in search of new victim is something that most people wouldn’t even guess. I have that bubbly personality, but like most people I have a dark side with fucked up thoughts.
Most people wouldn’t have the audacity to act on those morbid thoughts. The ones that linger through their mind. I am a firm believer in life is way to short. Live as though today were your last day. I know exactly where I am going to go troll for the next unsuspecting and pathetic loser who gets to feel my wrath.

I am the perfect teen to make you dream of dirty thoughts.

The mall is the perfect place and I know where to go, you will find all kinds of people in the food court and certain shops. I made my way over to the mall and boy was my mouth watering for that taste of chaos. I’m such a devious teen in my own right. I found a cute couple in the candle store looking about mid 20s and I walked up to them and introduced myself. I told them I found them attractive and the girl was blushing ugh gag me. They took me up on my offer to come over for some games a night full of activities.

They had no idea they were about to engage in rough sex with a young girl.

I went home and was waiting for them and I got some of my favorite toys. Like the electric choker, nipple clamps, butt plug for pegging and some more. I had them all laid out on the bed, they knocked and I yelled for them to come on in. She was wearing a white button down top and it had been raining. So you could see her nipples and plump breasts right through that shirt. I got up and greeted them at my door. I shut it and locked it behind me. Scared and trying to get out, i made a fib about how old I was to make them think I had some sort of blackmail on them.
They complied and I told them to strip and I was wearing my cute bra and pantie set. I whipped the floor right by their feet and they did as I said. Naked he was and he had a cute bald ass. I put the electric collar on her and told him to bend over and if he didn’t do as I said she was going to get shocked. I was making her ride my dildo like a good slut does. Watching it peel open her pussy hole and I came up behind him with no lube and shoved that plug right up his arse. I told him not to wince with one ounce of pain and to stroke that dick. I fucked his ass hard and then made his wife clean it up. Also made his wife feed that cock in pussy and I shocked her and it made me laugh. She was a loser watching her husband fuck a teen.