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Writing is a passion for me and when I do teen sex blogs, I usually have to stop in the middle and make my tiny cunny squirt. I love to read them and they get me so juiced up that I can keep my hands to myself, or out of my panties. I love licking my fingers while reading. So much better than eating greasy popcorn.

She was a perfect age now. He had been watching her for a long time now, and each year she seemed a little more appealing. From the sudden curve to her hips, to the budding of her breasts. There were so many moments that he stood in the front window and watched her practice cheer on the lawn. She was so slender, so perfect, but not yet ready for his massive cock. He would break her cunt with one stroke in. Not that he didn’t want to, but destroying her wasn’t an option, yet. She is the perfect little teen treat.

He wondered if she was the girl from all those teen sex blogs.

She fit the description of that teen girl. His hand pumped the thick meat, shaft grow to the point the views popped and he strained to keep control. Fuck, he needed inside of her. Grabbing the panties from the table, they were hers. She had left them on the washer and he snuck in and stole them. Wrapping the material around his cock, jacking as the obscenities flowed from his mouth. He loves fucking a teen.

“You fucking slut. Get on your knees and show Daddy that cunt. Bitch, you teased me long enough!”

The harder he stroked, the more he spewed filth. Those teen sex blogs were forcing him to be a dirty old man. He was not always like this, but that little bitch next door made him think dirty thoughts and need more filth.