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Teen tease

Daddy, I have something to tell you and please don’t be mad at me. I got called into the principal’s office and I got bad news. I am failing English and there is probably no way that I am going to graduate this year. Daddy what should I do, I mean I meant to be a little fucking whore. So I guess I could just be a teen tease like I am meant to be.

When I woke up I decided to dress in my slutiest outfit, hehe. It is a short leather skirt with a little black crop top and my big red heels. I’m looking so fucking hot daddy, look at your perfectly little teen tease ready to fuck her teacher. So I make sure to get to school early I walk into his office, and he just sitting at his desk. I look at him and say, ” Mr.Williams I was wondering If I could speak to you about my grades”. He nods his head and I sit in front of him on his desk.

You’ve never met a teen tease quite like me.

He looks me up and down my tight teen tease body and I can see him growing in his tight khaki pants. I reach down and start stroking his cock on the outside of his pants, ” Oh, do you like that, a nasty teen whore stroking your cock in your classroom”? He could hardly speak while I got on my fucking knees to start sucking that fat teacher cock. I really need a good grade Mr.Williams, so let me fuck your brains out and I promise you will love how tight my cunt feels around your cock.

Daddy taught me to be the perfect little teen tease and he taught me how to work that fucking cock. I”m bent over your desk with my skirt pulled up. You just slide your cock in and out of me. oh yes, fuck me, baby! Please show your little teen tease who is boss. I’m such a bad girl, aren’t I?

I want that sweet thick white cum load from my pervert teacher, yeah you want to cum inside my fucking cunt? I want you to shove your cock so far into my little pussy. I’m screaming and the other teachers can here me. You start to choke me and that makes me squirt all over your cock. What a teen tease, huh?