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Once the pretty girl is completely unconscious, you and your Accomplice continue.

The back of the van has special tinted windows, so you know no one will see the naughty acts. Pulling out your throbbing cock, you scoot your knees up towards the precious little face. You nod towards me, and I begin pulling down her white cotton panties, like we planned. You pause for a moment, reaching your hand out to stroke your fingertips across her perfect cheek. The simple contact with the soft skin makes your hungry dick twitch with pure lust. You cannot wait any longer.

An accomplice was what you needed all along.

Using two fingers, you pinch her tiny nostrils shut, forcing our sleeping beauty to part her pink lips. Grabbing hold of your dick, you guide yourself forward, pushing into the moist hole. The mushroom head forces itself in until you feel the tender flesh of her little girl tongue. Rocking your hips, you begin to maneuver yourself deeper into our victim’s throat. You watch in awe as your Accomplice dips down between the virgin thighs, thirsty. My tongue snakes out and I begin to slurp at the immature clit, suckling it into my mouth with love.

Once your dick is wet from her mouth, and her pussy is wet from my mouth, we switch positions. I kneel behind her head, holding her arms down in case she wakes up. You scoop up her chunky thighs, spreading her open and looking down at your prize. Her hole is tighter than anything you have ever imagined, and it is heaven. Only half of your large member is inside of her, yet she feels stuffed to the brim! The tightness is too much and your body gives in to the immense pleasure. With the encouragement of your Accomplice, you empty your seed into the lifeless cunt.

Want to hear what happened when she woke up? We were not done with her yet! Call for some nasty phone sex and hear all the naughty details.