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Have you ever thought about how Alice felt? Did she want to fall down that hole, or was she pushed? Maybe the lure of magic mushrooms, and special teas tingled her in all the right places. I sometimes wonder if that naughty rabbit wasn’t really a dominate daddy who lured his little deep down into the underground. It’s more logical than you thought, right?

“Come with me, Alice. Where I live, we have no rules,” said the Hatter.

Alice, a shy little one, bounced back and forth on her tiny maryjane shoes. The little patent leather footwear dug the toes into the soft ground, saturating the tips with the earth below. She was nervous about disobeying an order from her mother.

“Never go with a stranger. Ever!” she heard ringing in her ears.

Alice, a slight framed girl, watched the massive creature in front of her with wonder and disbelief. She wanted to be a good girl, but her heart ached to see his world. To feel the things he whispered in her ears, but most of all, to touch his furry exterior with the tips of her fingers. Curiosity kills the cat every single time, but for Alice, she couldn’t help herself. The lure of the unknown was far too great for her to fight.

“Come, child, and the wonders of my world will delight you in the depth of the darkest sea,” he whispered.

The small framed girl stood at the edge of the hole, peering down as though she could see the world below. Her eyes, adjusting to the lack of light, caught the smallest glimpse. It was at that moment the entire world would change. A nudge from behind and the fall began. Arms flapping, her dress tangling around her waist from the rapid drop. Waves of blue fabric tossed around, the ruffles from the skirt below billowing in the wind. The only sound to be heard was a laughter so demonic that it compared to that of a funhouse clown. Menacing cackles cutting to the bone with each note that echoed from the darkness below.

Landing in the softest grass, Alice watched the table to her left. What they should write only in a storybook had come to life outside of the mind of a child.