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TV dad dick gets me super fucking horny!  I still remember feeling flush whenever Howard Cunningham sat down to talk with Fonzie. And during my senior year, I couldn’t cum unless Cliff Huxtable was yelling at Theo.  The thought of going down on a TV dad has always been my favorite fantasy!

In their own accidental ways, my husbands have all had at least one quality that turned me on.  I won’t lie – usually, it was money.  My fourth husband wasn’t loaded. Though (by then, I’d cleaned out enough of them that I could marry for fun), but he had a voice just like Ward Cleaver.  Every night, we’d climb into bed and I would say to him. “Why don’t you talk to the beaver, Honey?”  He laughed about it and did his duty. I don’t think he understood that I couldn’t keep from imagining Ward. With his smooth, reassuring baritone voice and firm hands, shoving his thick cock down my throat while June vacuumed my rug.

For a while, I couldn’t cum at all without feeling Ward between my legs – unless Mike Brady was there.  My cunny absolutely floods at the thought of hiding under the covers of Marcia’s bed, and when he comes in to calm her down after her nose is broken, he finds me instead and we fuck.

Something about a Dad is so hot.

Ward, Mike, Andy Taylor, Phil Dunphy, Jed Clampett, all amazing lovers in their own right; but the greatest TV dad dick of all wasn’t even a dad but an uncle – Uncle Phil.

A gruff but lovable teddy bear of a man, he was quick to anger but calmed just as rapidly and always offered some sage advice.  In the bedroom, however, Uncle Phil was a goddamned animal.  And that cock!  I can see why they had to get a second Aunt Vivian – he probably broke the first one.  Thirteen inches when rock hard, he filled my nights the way he filled my pussy, that hypnotic, sonorous voice moaning softly as I buried my face in his thick, hairy ass.

All of that, however, was just fantasy.  What changed my life was the night that some real, live, unbelievable TV dad dick sat down on the bar stool next to me, bought me a drink, and promised to give me the most gratifying night I would ever havce.  Nobody believes me when I tell them who it was or what he did, but give a call and ask me about it and you be the judge