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Vore fetishistsVore fetishists gather for Blood Eagle sacrifice fantasy in the back yard of my Coven. No male was invited, however I conjured us up a sissy who can handle the wrath, until he is medium rare.


Vore fetish, and cannibal huger collide.

Seeing his Aussie ass out and about in my wood, he was right on time. The man who loves for me to slice and serve him in thousands of ways. To manipulate, slow chew, sodomize, and sissify all at once. Which of course is always one hell of a way to make an entrance, right?
When he came walking up the path my alabaster flesh was the only fine garment under my cloak. When his eyes seen my breast they went large. Upon my palms finding his shoulders, his eyes fastened to my scarlet lips. Then my pale moonlit platinum locks catching the moon beams as my coven circled around me.
Tonight to us is sacred, and the amount of man we need for this ceremony, he fits the bill. Thee small hissing fire, and the cross coming from it beckoned him like a moth to flame. Running these long talons of mine upon his flesh, I smiled the Vore relish smile as I walked behind him.

Vore seduction.

Slipping my saber between my hands. Motioning and allowing the females behind me to slip: drink, drug, and lips into his mouth. Slowly and methodically dragging their fingers across his shaft. Slathering it with olive oil, as my saber dildo pushed into his ass. Then my dagger finding its way from my pocket.
For years now the blood eagle has been on my mind. The screaming lungs. Broken ribs, and the succulent flesh of the lungs steamed. When this sissy walked into my fire bright, I knew he was the only thing on my cannibalistic menu.
Seeing his eyes lighting up as the fantasy numbing dragon went to work on his mind. That is when I slipped my dagger in slowly before opening its teeth. Grinding them across bone, and listening to each struggling breath, coming and going. His deviant passion, and pleasure pain threshold not knowing of the breach.


Vore, cannibal, vampire.

Not until I walked him upon the stage, and my ladies dropped their hoods. with his ribs like angel wings, and the flames dancing against his tip. That cock of his begging to break like a damn, as my nails reach in and pull tight. Removing his lungs from their protective surface. Letting my wicked tongue dance upon his fantasy blood, then filleting his cock as his lungs SCREAM!!!!!
With their final hiss, and his cocks spurt before biting it whole, and feeding it to my sisters. As his smile begins to fade. His Vore loving ass, happy he was taken out by a cannibal Lady.. Hunting in the depths of sin. Happy hunting my friends, and eat well. @}}~~~ Mistress Lynn.