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wake up call

There is nothing quite like a good wake-up call. You know, being fucked awake? Taken while I am still asleep. My Daddy does it best!

Being Daddy’s Little Princess is amazing. He picks out cute dresses for me and brings me candy. He lets me color and watch My Little Pony, when I am not bouncing about on his lap (giggles). I can even chew bubblegum and blow the biggest bubbles (when he doesn’t have anything else in my mouth). No matter how busy he is, he always tucks me in at night. Sometimes I get to sleep in his big bed!  When I do, I am not allowed to wear anything to bed. Daddy’s rules!

Do you love having a sexy wake up call?

I must have been a good girl, because this morning my reward was being fucked awake. I awoke to Daddy’s cock inside my slick tiny cunt. He brought me out of a deep sleep as he took my tight hole. I love waking up this way. It is such a treat! He held my legs open wide as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside me. Oh Daddy, more! I am not allowed to cum until he says I can, and I begged Daddy for release. Sometimes he makes this babygirl.

Princess wait and wait, but finally he let me cum.  I squirted all over his shaft, and all over the sheets! (Uh-oh! Giggles)  As an added bonus, Daddy saved his sweet load for my mouth. I must have been a very good girl. He allowed me to suck his throbbing cock for a while before giving me his delicious treat. Oh,  I love when he erupts in my mouth, filling it with all of that thick goodness. I become so excited by what is coming, that I find myself in a state of orgasm when I know it’s about to happen.


I love that the first thing in my belly this morning was Daddy’s precious treat. He fills his Little Princess Slut with such satisfaction. I love being his little fucktoy.  I love being his Little Princess Slut. He makes me feel like such a special babygirl!

Wonder what Daddy has in store for lunch? I am looking forward to the next wake up call with Pops.