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Every week for the past few months, you have been calling me over with one goal in mind. To get the pleasure you deserve and have not been able to get from your Wife in years.

I am the filthy mistress who fulfills your deepest needs and desires. You love listening to me tell you what a worthless whore wife she has turned out to be since your wedding. She has gotten so useless and lazy in bed for the last few years. Now, all you can do is call me up on the weekends when she finally leaves to visit her mother.

As soon as her car pulls out of the driveway, you are ready to play with me. I am always dressed in a slutty, tiny piece of lace and thigh high stockings. I look so much sexier in clothes like this than your Wife. My tits are so much perkier, and my body is far tighter in all the right places. She wishes she had my perfect figure and flawless skin. My manicured fingertips tug at your pants, pulling them down until your thick cock is staring right at me. You tell me how much softer my lips are in comparison to your Wife’s as I begin to kiss up to the side of your shaft.

When the wife is away, the snakes will play.

You love running your fingers through my hair, telling me how your Wife does not even give you blow jobs anymore. Not like this, at least, with the gagging and extreme drooling. She is like trying to have sex with a dead fish! What your fuck stick deserves is a tight little play toy like me. I look up at you with my big eyes as you tell me how I am a much better lay than your fucking Wife.

I know your dick is so tired of her stretched out mommy pussy. Her cunt can’t squeeze your cock like it used to. You crave someone who can give you all the crazy, amazing sex your Wife used to be able to provide. There is nothing wrong with that at all! So what are you and your poor, aching love rod supposed to do? Give me another call, and let me be the only woman in your life for a little bit. You might be stuck with your Wife long term, but you can always call me for some nasty phone sex fun! Hurry, before she gets back home!