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Every Friday night, I go to a fantastic night club, parting it up with my bisexual friends and getting toasted as well. It is always a fun and wild time! But last night was different. Sure, I was fucking drunk last night, but I had no reconditioned of what took place.

I knew I was in one crazy state of mind but had no memory of what happened. Sure, I get drunk all the time, but this time was different. So, this morning once I awoke, I was in an utter Brain fog. I walked into my living room I was like, OMG, what the hell! There were all these people in my home. I began screaming, who are you, people? What the hell are you ALL doing here!

Bisexual Brain Swings Both Ways!

You all need to get the hell out of here. You don’t belong here! They reposing, saying that we had a great time last night – don’t you remember? They began laughing and joking, commenting on how drunk I must have been. No, you all need to live. I kept repeating. There were men, women, and LGBT! As well as raceplay being that there were White, Black, even one who was Chinese. They just kept laughing. Then one took hold of the tv and played a video of us all fucking each other last night! Everyone in the video was all about being bicurious, bisexual, and forced into the bisexual Fuck Festival!


It was the Best Bisexual Phone Sex Ever! Everything was on video cam, and I was shocked to see what we all did together! We all had crazy wild sex with one another! It was a party bicurious and hardcore, taking those men very hard up their ass! All the while, we ladies had taken on full-on control!