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x-rated pictures

I found some old family pictures of me, and realized at the end of the album there were more. Daddy took x-rated pictures of his little girl and hid them in the family book.

Last Saturday I was house sitting at my parent’s place when I got out old family albums. With my boyfriend at my side, we scanned through the books, looking for baby pictures of me. He had never seen any, so this was the perfect time to share some. What we didn’t expect to happen was at the back of the album, and there are a ton of nude pictures of her in sexual scenes. Some alone, and some with her Father.

X-rated pictures were in my family photo book.

My boyfriend couldn’t look away from the shocking scenes. He took my hand and placed it in his lap to feel his dick. He was hard as a rock and begging me to let him take more x-rated pictures. This time we would place them in the book and wait till someone notices. Can you imagine my parent’s faces when they see me fucking in their bed? Would they get mad, or would they find out their daughter is a freak as well?

In my parent’s bed with the camera snapping, I sucked my boyfriend’s cock. He has a huge cock, so I’m sure my mom will live that. Not that she will see anything more than x-rated pictures. Before he could cum, I made him fuck me hard, taking before and after pictures of my pussy. I was tight before, but when filled with cum, gaping and dribbling down my ass. This weekend we’re having dinner with my parents. I think it’s a good time to take out the photo album and leave it on the coffee table before we leave.