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I am the naughty, family fun loving mommy that I am today because of my Grandpa! He is who gave me my very first baby!

My Grandpa was the most wonderful teacher I could have asked for. I was barely legal when he introduced me to the pleasures of incest. He showed me how to use my perfect little body to pleasure a man! What a lucky little girl I was, having special sleepovers at his house on weekends. He always let me stay up way past my bedtime so we could play all our naughty games!

My Grandpa is the best lover.

He started out by stretching my bald pussy with his chubby fingers, forcing them in as far as he could. He then began teaching me how to suck and lick his dick like a pro! Grandpa loved finger fucking me deep while skull fucking my face. He would tell me that I had to get his dick lubed up for his Grandpa cock! I would choke until his hairy balls bounced against my chin. Then he would pick me up like a rag doll and use my bald cunt to jack himself off. He would fuck me until I screamed, penetrating me on his dick until I almost passed out! They are the best memories of family fun that I have!
Now that I have little ones of my own, he still comes around to see his favorite Granddaughter. And now, he even has Great Granddaughters! His thick dick still stuffs me as much as I remember. My pussy juice overflows when I see him using one of my precious daughters as his personal cum dumpster. It brings back fond memories! He says my princesses are as good as fucking as I was at their age! It makes me such a proud mommy! Call me now to hear more taboo stories of our family adventures with Grandpa!